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Episode 2 – David SIrus

Host Johnny Taylor chats with comedian, and "King of Staten Island" co-writer, Dave Sirus. They talk about releasing a huge project in the early portion of a global lockdown, Trump, and why writing for Saturday Night Live isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The Horror Times Halloween 3

To kick off Spooky Season, this month the creeps are bringing you their Halloween essentials! First up: the reviled 1982 stand-alone entry in the Halloween series. Tiana’s entire childhood gets shattered multiple times. Dan is appalled by the...

The Horror Times Waxwork

On today’s episode of The Horror Times, Dan, Lauren, and Tiana step over the velvet rope into 1988’s Waxwork. ⁠ ⁠ Dan poses as a lawyer who doesn’t give a shit about copyright law. Lauren learns about the dangers of champagne bottle...

The Horror Times C.H.U.D.

This week, Tiana, Lauren, and Dan go deep underground to watch C.H.U.D. Tiana is convinced the sewer is the perfect place to record the podcast. Dan uncovers the Home Alone - C.H.U.D. shared universe. Lauren changes her stance on sword guys.

The Horror Times Hereditary

In this episode, Lauren, Tiana, and Dan dive severed head first into Hereditary. A seance goes wrong when Tiana’s favorite cartoon character gets involved. Dan finds every single goof in the movie. A ritual Lauren did as a child leads to the demonic...

The Horror Times Stagefright

This week, Dan, Lauren and Tiana take in an Italian murder play in Stage Fright. Dan attempts to explain the movie to children. Lauren uses a murder to find out if Dan and Tiana are pro-choice. Tiana teaches an abusive acting workshop and sings a...

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