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Episode 14: Ben Roy

"Those Who Can't" star, stand-up comedian, and front man for the band Spells, Ben Roy joins Johnny to talk anxiety, comedy, and everyone in LA being kinda famous.

Episode 13 – Lucien Greaves

Co-founder of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves joins Johnny to discuss satanism during a pandemic, Satanic sect confusion, and how lockdown boredom inspired watching cult classics with other satanists.  Check out the full episode at

Episode 12 – Mickey Avalon

Johnny had a chance to catch up with the always provocative Mickey Avalon to talk crazy road shows, why protests are good, and how he rediscovered his love for painting during the pandemic.

Episode 11 – JT Habersaat

Johnny's joined by stand-up comedian, toymaker, and creator of Altercation Festival, JT Habersaat. They chop it up about vaccines, touring, and learning new tricks during the lockdown.

The Horror Times Class of 1984 (1982)

This week Lauren and Dan are joined by comedian Johnny Taylor as they relive the best years of their lives watching Class of 1984 (1982). Johnny lets us in on his quarantine side-hustle. Lauren reveals her weapon of choice as a teacher. Dan explains...


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